Product Education

As pest professionals you have to be the expert for your customers on all pests and all product options. But where do pest professionals go to get their education?

Target Specialty Products Technical Specialists are experts in their field on local pests and the best product options to treat for them. Whether you are looking for the latest products in green technology or a better way to manage your everyday pest problems you have come to the right place. 

Introducing TruDetx™ Bed Bug Rapid Test: The Science-Based Test Helping PMPs Detect Bed Bugs With Certainty
bed bug early detection

Bed bugs pose a lot of challenges for PMPs, and they also cause significant problems for homeowners. Bites can lead to secondary infections and psychological harm, turning someone’s life upside down. Since homeowners are hypersensitive about infestations, the industry must continue to focus on innovating to help PMPs deliver peace of mind to their customers.

how does s hydroprene work

At Zoëcon, our goal is to provide PMPs with enduring and efficacious solutions and supporting resources. This is achieved through continuous innovation and conversations that revolve around new research, industry trends, and most importantly, listening to professionals like you.

Moisture in Crawl Spaces - The Mother of All Evils
encapsulating crawl spaces

The crawl space is one of the most confusing and misunderstood areas of a home. If not treated properly, a crawl space can be detrimental to the structure of the home, the homeowners health and comfort, and the home's energy consumption.

Protecta® EVO® Weighted Landscape
rodent rock bait station

Rodent control can be a sensitive subject for patrons of restaurants, resorts, and other tourist destinations. Ensuring proper pest management at these locations, while maintaining a subtle footprint, can be a balancing act. So, finding the proper rodent control product is pivotal. 

TEKKO® TRIO: A 3-Way IGR that Packs a Powerful Punch

Tekko® Trio Foam & Tekko Trio Concentrate are a revolutionary 3-way insect growth regulator that effectively disrupts insect life cycles. It combines two proven IGRs, Novaluron and Pyriproxyfen, with (S)-Hydroprene, a powerful translocating agent penetrating deep into voids, cracks, and crevices.

The Benefits of Spring Prebaiting
insect baiting

You’re always looking for ways to make your routes more productive and to provide the highest quality pest management services possible. One helpful strategy in achieving that goal is one that is sometimes overlooked in practice as you go through your day-to-day services.

Target Specialty Products is thrilled to announce that they are now carrying In2Care Mosquito Stations and Sachets.
in2care mosquito bucket

Learn more about the In2Care Mosquito Station, including how to handle the In2care sachets; how to place the In2Care Station properly; What the In2Care system targets; keeping In2care refills cool, and more. Read on for In2Care application tips.

Santa Fe™ Oasis105 Dehumidifier Next Major Advancement in Humidity Control for Pest Industry
residential dehumidifier with pump

The Santa Fe Oasis105 is the first residential dehumidifier with patented three-coil Efficiency Capacity Coil Optimization (ECCO) technology that maximizes energy efficiency and capacity in a very compact box.

BASF Termite Smart Solutions = Business Opportunities
pest technician with termite bait station

Pest Management Professionals (PMPs) who rely on termite treatments as part of their revenue stream have opportunities and challenges. When termites swarm, business booms; when they don’t, business may suffer.