Product Education

As pest professionals you have to be the expert for your customers on all pests and all product options. But where do pest professionals go to get their education?

Target Specialty Products Technical Specialists are experts in their field on local pests and the best product options to treat for them. Whether you are looking for the latest products in green technology or a better way to manage your everyday pest problems you have come to the right place. 

Why Dehumidification + Air Movement is Important in Crawl Spaces
avoiding dehumidifier short cycling

A key factor to consider when choosing a dehumidifier is the amount of air movement needed to distribute the air throughout the entire crawl space. Most freestanding dehumidifiers tend to recirculate the air immediately surrounding it creating a zone of warm, lower RH% air. This tends to lead to a dehumidifier short cycling, making it inefficient to operate and delivering poor moisture removal.

Liphatech Offers a Family of Block Choices for PMPs
bromadiolone difethialone rodenticide

Liphatech brings a wide variety of solutions to PMPs which are focused on controlling rodents. No matter how complex or challenging a rodent problem is, count on Liphatech to help solve it.

How to manage mosquitos where PMPs miss them most
mosquito breeding areas

It doesn’t take much to make a comfortable home for mosquitos. All too often, PMPs face callbacks and customer complaints because they’ve overlooked a single area where mosquitos can happily breed, rest, and feed.

An Effective Green Treatment Program for Mosquito & Tick Control

The EcoVia line of research-based botanicals is a comprehensive range of natural, minimum-risk, EPA 25(b) exempt botanical insecticides. They offer the ideal combination of nature’s active ingredients and modern formulation technology to provide highly effective solutions in the real world.  All EcoVia products offer specific advantages beyond just the “green” status of the products.

Xlure RTU Inspectors
controlling stored product pests

When you need to rapidly pinpoint the source of infestation, you can depend on Xlure RTU Inspectors. This compact, ready-to-use pheromone monitoring trap measures 2.5” x 2.5” x 0.75” and is designed to release a low level of pheromones allowing a large number of traps to be installed in a small area without causing mating disruption.    

Tackling Carpenter Ants
carpenter ant behavior

It’s the call you’ve come to dread: “I need you to come back out, there are still ants everywhere.”  While carpenter ants are certainly a challenge, it is possible to get them under control if you focus on their behaviors and leverage the right tools, using both to your advantage.

Four Essential Steps for Proper Ant Control
maxforce ant control

Summer weather is here, which means PMPs are starting to receive a lot of calls about ants marching through their kitchens. While the key to successful control is staying ahead of these pests before populations start to get out of control during the summer months, that is not always possible. Envu Professional Pest Management has a few important steps to follow to help PMPs control these difficult pests.

Successful Treatments Start with Sumari® 
ant and cockroach insecticide

Sumari is an all-in-one product for multiple pests – but what does that mean for you? In short, Sumari’s effective and versatile formula brings together the features critical for improved pest control, reducing overall costs and callbacks.    

Introducing TruDetx™ Bed Bug Rapid Test: The Science-Based Test Helping PMPs Detect Bed Bugs With Certainty
bed bug early detection

Bed bugs pose a lot of challenges for PMPs, and they also cause significant problems for homeowners. Bites can lead to secondary infections and psychological harm, turning someone’s life upside down. Since homeowners are hypersensitive about infestations, the industry must continue to focus on innovating to help PMPs deliver peace of mind to their customers.