Product Education   |   May 25, 2023

Successful Treatments Start with Sumari® 

ant and cockroach insecticide

Conveniently Conquer More Pests with Sumari Insecticide.

Sumari is an all-in-one product for multiple pests – but what does that mean for you? In short, Sumari’s effective and versatile formula brings together the features critical for improved pest control, reducing overall costs and callbacks

Sumari was designed for PMPs’ convenience and provides two modes of action, an insect growth regulator and an adulticide. With the addition of NyGuard® IGR you don’t need to tank mix multiple products and with new F.A.T. labeling Sumari can now be used in commercial kitchens. 

Its versatility means you can use one product to complete more jobs. Labeled for use in multiple sites, including indoors and outdoors, Sumari kills a wide variety of pests like German cockroaches and numerous ant species. With no signal word, Sumari is easy-to-use and minimizes time spent on each job, saving you money. 

More Than Just an Ant Product

What excites PMPs is Sumari’s success in conquering German cockroaches. When Dr. Mohammed El Damir, BCE, technical and training director for Adam’s Pest Control, was introduced to Sumari, his first thought was about how well it could work against cockroaches.

He says, “This is due to its active ingredients: the non-repellent/systemic clothianidin and NyGuard – the insect growth regulator pyriproxyfen. The mixture of these two actives is suitable to deal with cockroaches that have already shown resistance to pesticides with other modes of action.” 

Learn more about Dr. El Damir's success with Sumari.

Expanding to New Sites

MGK has received approval from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for clothianidin to be used in areas where food and food products are held, processed, prepared, and/or served, providing the food has been covered or removed before use, meaning Sumari can now be used in these facilities. 

Sumari is built for success, bringing together the features critical for improved pest control. Now with more use sites Sumari’s long-lasting solution can boost productivity and give you more control, helping you get pest control right the first time.