Product Education

As pest professionals you have to be the expert for your customers on all pests and all product options. But where do pest professionals go to get their education?

Target Specialty Products Technical Specialists are experts in their field on local pests and the best product options to treat for them. Whether you are looking for the latest products in green technology or a better way to manage your everyday pest problems you have come to the right place. 

Catchmaster Ovi-Catch

The Catchmaster Ovi-Catch is a low-cost, easy-to-use, mosquito surveillance tool proven effective by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The low-maintenance trap does not require electricity or pesticides and is designed to capture gravid female mosquitoes looking for a suitable site to lay eggs.

Restore peace of mind against bed bugs with an innovative range of solutions from Envu

When it comes to bed bugs, you need the right products and solutions to fight back against this hard-to-control pest.

Borates: From Dust to Foam

The year was 1998. The Tennessee Volunteers were National Champions in football, the world was turning its eyes to the specter of Y2K, and Nibor-D® Insecticide Dust hit the market. A lot has changed over the last 26 years, but the borate-based Nibor-D dust has been relentlessly consistent in its efficacy, reliability, and versatility. 

Know Your Target: The Mole

Even though moles are rarely seen, their impact on landscaping is hard to miss. Dying plants, mounds of bare dirt, and lawns disfigured by burrows are all signs a mole has set up shop.

SureKill® Evolve SC: SureKill’s Newest Broad-Spectrum Solution

When PMPs are searching for a broad-spectrum insecticide that offers effective knockdown and long-lasting control of listed pests, enter SureKill Evolve SC. SureKill Evolve SC is a suspension concentrate deltamethrin insecticide designed for both indoor and outdoor use and provides extended residual control for up to 90 days, ensuring protection long after the initial application.

Treating for Termites: Lessons New Pest Management Professionals Don’t Have to Learn the Hard Way

Embarking on a career in pest management is a journey filled with challenges and continuous learning. For newly hired pest management professionals, treating for termites can be particularly enlightening, with valuable lessons learned through hands-on experience. In this article, we delve into the aspects of termite treatment that no one explicitly tells you about but are crucial for success in the field.

You can’t control what you can’t see: managing hard-to-find ant colonies

What is the definition of “ant-sanity”? Performing the same ant control service every time and expecting different results. Ants are one of the most challenging pests to control in or around structures, if not the most challenging.

Success Starts with Sumari®

Managing social insects like ants is a significant challenge, making it critical to have products designed to exploit their natural foraging and communal feeding behaviors. The effectiveness of any control measure significantly diminishes if it fails to impact the colony's core—the larvae and queen(s).

More Complete Cockroach Control with MGK
how to treat a severe roach infestation

For tough pests like German cockroaches, you need more complete control. That is why MGK is helping you take cockroach defense to the next level with our arsenal of solutions. With expert tips to get the most out of your cockroach management program and a broad portfolio of products, MGK has the solutions you need to conquer cockroaches at every infestation level.