Product Education

As pest professionals you have to be the expert for your customers on all pests and all product options. But where do pest professionals go to get their education?

Target Specialty Products Technical Specialists are experts in their field on local pests and the best product options to treat for them. Whether you are looking for the latest products in green technology or a better way to manage your everyday pest problems you have come to the right place. 

Take Down Rodents with Liphatech
takedown ii

When facing a heavy infestation, you need a rodenticide that works fast and leaves no rodent behind. This is especially true in populated areas, food processing plants and other commercial accounts. As an acute rodenticide, TakeDown® II is effective in fighting rodent populations and for controlling infestations, especially those in commercial settings.

Tackle Ticks With NyGuard Plus
are ticks insects

With the ability to vector diseases such as Lyme disease and Rocky Mountain spotted fever, the tick can be considered the most dangerous arthropod in the United States. We’ll continue to see a rise in disease transmission and a critical need to manage tick populations. Tick treatments won’t trouble you with these expert tips and product recommendations from MGK.

How to manage cockroaches in commercial kitchens
cockroach problem in kitchen

They reproduce quickly. They’ll eat almost anything. And they hide in the toughest-to-reach cracks and crevices.

Take Control with AVESTA® CS
avesta cs

AVESTA® CS is a broad-spectrum insecticide containing the active ingredient lambda-cyhalothrin. Its ability to control a variety of pests – such as mosquitoes, ants, cockroaches, spiders, flies, ticks and other listed pests – make it an ideal solution for both indoor and outdoor applications.

Take advantage of conducive conditions for termites
what attracts termites to a home

“Conducive Conditions” are areas that have enough food, water and shelter to support termites and are at risk of infestation. Inspections can locate termite activity, damage and conducive conditions.

Rodent control hints and tips
sealing up rat holes

Proofing and exclusion work is essential to ensure that you don’t simply remove one colony of rodents ready for the next to move right in! Mice can squeeze through a hole the size of your little finger (or a US dime) and rats through a hole the size of your thumb (a US quarter)… finding these points of entry is much easier in a clean environment, so make sure you have a good tidy up first. 

Five Essential Steps to Protect Customers From Mosquitoes

The summer season is when families take their fun outside, but they are often confronted by biting mosquitoes. Mosquito activity is alarming to homeowners because these pests are extremely bothersome and have the potential to transmit life-threatening diseases. 

18 tips for effective bed bug management

Stop letting bed bug callbacks bleed your bottom line. While bed bugs can be tough to manage, the key to a successful treatment is thoroughness. The fewer steps you skip, the greater the chances your treatment will go according to plan.

FUSE® is Your ANTswer to Stubborn Ant Problems
Fuse perimeter ant control

Fuse® is a proprietary product from CSI that combines two excellent, non-repellent active ingredients, imidacloprid and fipronil. This combination makes one of the most powerful ant control products available on the market. Using Fuse® for perimeter pest control takes outdoor preventative and curative treatments for multiple structure invading pests to the next level, while minimizing call backs for stubborn ant issues.