Product Education   |   November 29, 2023

More Complete Cockroach Control with MGK

how to treat a severe roach infestation

Expert Solutions

For tough pests like German cockroaches, you need more complete control. That is why MGK is helping you take cockroach defense to the next level with our arsenal of solutions. With expert tips to get the most out of your cockroach management program and a broad portfolio of products, MGK has the solutions you need to conquer cockroaches at every infestation level.

The Power of a Protocol

Cockroach populations can grow exponentially and quickly when left untreated. Having a complete
cockroach protocol is critical to gaining long-term control. The availability of water, food, and harborage is essential to the establishment of a German cockroach population. To effectively control German roach populations, it is important to implement Assessment-based Pest Management (APM) strategies.

The key to APM is a comprehensive inspection and monitoring of the account. From your inspection, you can assess the level of the infestation as high, medium, or low, and then customize your treatment method. Remember to reassess before providing any additional follow-up treatments.

Conquering All Levels of Cockroach Infestations

High Level Infestation:How to treat a severe roach infestation

When dealing with a high-level infestation, decreasing the roach population is key. For direct harborage treatment, consider using a fogging product like Shockwave® Fogging Concentrate in hard-to-reach areas or Shockwave® 1 Flushing, Killing & Residual Aerosol to apply directly into harborage areas.

Communicate with the customer what to expect after the treatment. Stress the importance of the next day cleanup as dead or dying roaches will be found and need to be removed. Follow-up two weeks later to reassess the infestation.

Medium Level Infestation:

The goal when treating a medium level infestation is to clean out the population of German cockroaches, focusing on harborage areas and applying an effective bait like Vendetta® Nitro nearby. Use Vendetta® 360 as a rotational bait to maintain dual modes of action with an IGR throughout your rotational plan. For crack and crevice treatments in harborage areas, use Sumari® Insecticide. Follow-up one month later to reassess the account.

Low Level Infestation:

Low level infestations can be difficult because it often means a harborage area was missed at some point either by the company before you or in your last treatment. The target at this level is to find the remaining roaches and gain long-term control of the population.

Use glue traps to locate and pinpoint the harborage areas to make targeted applications. Vendetta® Plus can be applied to gain control of identified harborage areas. To reduce reproductive potential and gain long-term control, use NyGuard® IGR as a broadcast, spot, or crack and crevice treatment where activity has been reported.

Closing The Loop

MGK’s full lineup of cockroach products helps you fill in the gaps and close the loop on persistent pests like German cockroaches with an arsenal of baits, fogging concentrates, sprays, aerosols, and IGRs to fit your treatment needs. Crush cockroaches at every infestation level with broad use sites, multiple modes of action, and control and kill. To learn more about MGK’s complete cockroach solutions, visit