Product Education   |   April 26, 2023

Protecta® EVO® Weighted Landscape

rodent rock bait station

Rodent control can be a sensitive subject for patrons of restaurants, resorts, and other tourist destinations. Ensuring proper pest management at these locations, while maintaining a subtle footprint, can be a balancing act. So, finding the proper rodent control product is pivotal.

For servicing these settings, choose the Protecta® EVO® Weighted Landscape. The station’s realistic looking plastic rock shell makes it inconspicuous in high-traffic areas like zoos, parks, golf courses, amusement parks, and more. Owners of these businesses know how critical it is to maintain a rodent-free environment. The built-in disguise of the Weighted Landscape bait station ensures that Pest Management Professionals (PMPs) can maintain discretion while executing their Integrated Pest Management Program (IPM).

Underneath the station’s rock-shaped surface is a roomy interior that offers PMPs a variety of baiting options. Outfitted with a custom-shaped built-in brick and removable tray, the station can hold up to 6 blox of bait or a variety of snap traps including 1 T-Rex® or T-Rex® iQ rat trap OR 1 Mini-Rex trap or Mouse iQ. The station’s versatility and easy servicing has made the Weighted Landscape a favorite among business owners and service professionals alike.

Strong and durable, the Weighted Landscape can remain outside for both short-term and long-term pest management programs. The ramped entry keeps bait fresh and protected from heavy rain, and the station is built for frequent servicing and tamper-resistance. Like the hard work technicians face out in the field, the Weighted Landscape bait station is designed to perform under a demanding environment across a multitude of climates and settings whether using rodenticide or non-toxic trapping.

Conducting rodent control across these settings presents a unique set of challenges. PMPs must cover large amounts of real estate and terrain in a set number of hours. Additionally, they may have to wait for guests to complete their activity before servicing a station. These types of disruptions can eat into valuable time at the account making it difficult to do anything other than check trays.

PMPs can increase time savings by pairing the Weighted Landscape station with an iQ® tray, powered by Bell Sensing Technologies. iQ technology works via Bluetooth technology, meaning rodent activity within an iQ bait station or iQ trap is detected 30’-100’ away. This means that PMPs know which stations have experienced activity, allowing them to only manually service stations that rodents have visited.

Once in range, the PMP can see if that station has had any rodent activity. Let’s say a golf course has 50 Weighted Landscape stations placed around the entire facility, with 10 stations having rodent activity since the last service. Without iQ, the PMP has to physically go up to each and every station and open it, regardless of activity. With an iQ tray inside the Weighted Landscape, the PMP needs to only get within 30-100 feet of each device to determine rodent activity and whether the station requires manual servicing. This means that the PMP can spend as much time as necessary on doing everything possible to solve the rodent issues versus racing to get to every device. Thereby reducing the amount of time that PMPs are saddled with monotonous and laborious tasks that can result in significant injury or burnout. Now, that time can be invested in to more impactful and exciting aspects of IPM like inspection and exclusion.

In a study conducted on a 600,000 sq. ft. campus with over 200 devices, a PMP was able to reduce time spent checking devices by 90 minutes in a single visit, compared to standard rodent control devices. Other pest control companies who have introduced iQ technology into their rodent control programs have consistently netted notable time savings on trap and device checking.

The data captured by iQ trays can also provide a rich level of insight into rodent’s behaviors that goes well beyond whether a tray is full or not. The tray also captures timestamped data via sensors so PMPs can get a detailed look into the activity levels and traveling paths of rodents which can be harbored to analyze short-term and long-term trends at a particular site.

iQ pulls back the curtain on the fleeting, highly reproductive, and endurable rodent which does much of its activity under the guise of night away from human sight. Having this data at their fingertips can help PMPs stay ahead of the curve and assemble more stations around emerging hotspots like habitable burrows, food and water sources, and sanitation issues.

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