Product Education   |   August 18, 2023

TEKKO® TRIO: A 3-Way IGR that Packs a Powerful Punch


Tekko® Trio Foam & Tekko Trio Concentrate are a revolutionary 3-way insect growth regulator that effectively disrupts insect life cycles. It combines two proven IGRs, Novaluron and Pyriproxyfen, with (S)-Hydroprene, a powerful translocating agent penetrating deep into voids, cracks, and crevices. With Tekko Trio, Pest management professionals can effectively eliminate persistent pest problems that were previously difficult to control. This innovative combination chemistry product contains three of the most effective IGRs on the market today, providing PMPs with a powerful tool to manage pest populations.

Tekko Trio’s three active ingredients work together to prevent insects from completing their development and ultimately to stop future generations. It is an ideal solution for managing small flies in commercial kitchens where breeding and reproduction of fly populations can be prevented by treating areas such as floor drains, catch basins, mop closets, floors, under shelves, and other moist breeding areas. The IGRs in Tekko Trio disrupt the lifecycles of insects, including cockroaches, fruit flies, bed bugs, and stored product pests. Tekko Trio works by stopping normal development, preventing normal molting, and inhibiting egg production. These effects stop pest populations from growing.

Tekko Trio concentrate is excellent for hard-to-clean horizontal surface areas known to breed flies, such as loose or missing grout around tiles, under bar mats, and around garbage or refuse areas, breaking the life cycle of the insects breeding there. In addition, with simple dilution rates, Tekko Trio makes mixing and measuring easy so PMPs can spend more time solving their customer’s problems and less time reading and interpreting labels.

In areas where liquid insecticides would drain away before being fully effective, Tekko Trio Foam will do the trick. We recommend regular applications of Tekko Trio Foam into fly breeding areas for continuous control as new organic matter is deposited.

Use sites / Equipment Labeled for Use with Tekko Trio

Tekko Trio is an indoor-only-use product. It can be used in various locations such as restaurants, food warehouses, bakeries, mills, breweries, mausoleums, schools, hospitals, supermarkets, restaurants, and many other listed sites (see Tekko Trio label).

Apply Tekko Trio in one of these application methods:

  • Low-pressure sprayers
  • Pressurized spray systems capable of delivering a pinpoint or variable spray pattern
  • ULV equipment
  • Aerosol generators
  • Mechanical misting sprayers
  • Fog injection systems
  • Thermal foggers
  • Foam applicators
  • Non-heat extracting carpet shampoo equipment

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