Businesses to Watch   |   June 30, 2017

Weed Man USA

What do you get when you take a solid growth plan, a great business system and a unique sales and marketing approach and you then add hard work and great people involved in their community? The answer is the formula for a successful business. This very approach launched Weed Man USA into the nation’s leading lawn care franchisee. The franchise currently has over 500 territories nationwide. It has been given the distinction of one of the nation’s top franchise investments by both Forbes and Entrepreneur magazines.  

Chris Lemcke, National Technical Director of Weed Man, explained that, “We have a lot of unique owner-operated franchisees. What is unique about them is that the owner is in the office and is a big part of the community. This is an important factor that should not be overlooked If you are going to be hiring and doing business in a specific location. Being active in that location certainly gives you a leg up.

Rick Ebelhar, one of Weed Man’s top 10 franchisees in Owensboro, KY knows the importance of being a part of his community all too well. He and his team have been growing their Weed Man USA business in the western part of Kentucky since 2008. “Rick is a workhorse,” said Chris Lemcke, “He’s not afraid to put long hours in.” Beyond hard work, Rick attributes his success more than anything “to the team my partner Todd West and I have built. And being a part of our community has allowed us to access the great people that make up our team. Good quality management and employees that really care about the business and care about our employees make all of the difference.” Rick was hired in 2008 to start a branch office. He quickly was given the opportunity to move to General Manager and eventually to part owner. “Weed Man has enabled me to provide for my family. They have given us a growth model and a success plan to help us create not just jobs for those in our community, but careers,” said Ebelhar.

Weed Man USA makes running the business seamless. With systems in place for management and recruiting it takes a lot of guesswork out of the day-to-day operations. But one of the most unique things about Weed Man USA is their sales and marketing approach through a Community Outreach Program. Through the program, local franchisees hire seasonal and part-time workers at local high school and colleges. These recruits knock on doors in their local communities to get the word out about Weed Man’s service offerings. Ebelhar employs about 35-40 local students each spring and the opportunity rewards them with job skills they can take to the workplace. Experiencing first hand the workforce these young folks garner the skills needed to be successful. It is a truly valuable experience for today’s young people who take on the challenge. These employees also have a great opportunity to work their way up to management and several have even gone on to buy their own franchise. “It is truly a unique work path for the youth in our community,” explains Ebelhar, “In their time with us these students are able to learn work ethic, team work and interpersonal skills.”

Weed Man USA continues to take its formula for success across the country and they seem to have perfected it as they continue to show rapid growth. For more information or to learn more about Weed Man USA visit




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