Businesses to Watch   |   August 26, 2020

Pest Rangers

When Jeff King quit his job to take his business full-time in April 2015 he turned to Jim Hearity and the Residex team for direction on how to grow his business. Hearity immediately talked to him about mosquito control as an add-on business. And he didn’t stop there, he helped him sell his first account, a golf course and went along with him for the first treatment.

“From selecting the right equipment for my business to guiding me to the most effective products, Jim was with me to ensure my success,” said King of his relationship with Residex and Jim Hearity. 

King suggests looking for the mosquito services upsell on every account. If he sees an outdoor kitchen or well-used backyard he sees the need for mosquito control. He also suggests that companies look for commercial opportunities. A tire manufacturer in Pest Rangers area was the perfect target for mosquito control. Keep in mind that drainage swells and retention ponds around businesses are being tested in some states. They will dip to test the water for mosquito control and fine the business if it is not being done.




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