Businesses to Watch   |   January 29, 2017

Pest Cemetery

Jerry Schappert owns and operates a medium-sized pest management company called The Bug Doctor located in Ocala, FL. When his son took to the Internet to grow his Flight Instruction business, Jerry was inspired to join along and began a blog geared towards pest control. In his blog he talked about his experience in the pest management business focusing not only on his successes but his failures as well. His posts grew and varied from on-the-job how-to videos to the common issues that pest professionals are faced with on a daily basis.

Launched in 2008, Jerry’s followers have grown. With 25 years of pest management experience under his belt, Jerry has amassed quite a following of pest professionals on his blog and closed Facebook page that currently has almost 2,500 members nationwide.  His target audience isn’t the Top 100 pest control firms as one might assume, rather it’s the technician looking to expand his knowledge of pest control and the small to medium-sized pest control owner. And Jerry is not the only contributor. While he monitors comments and frequently contributes, he was pleasantly surprised to see that some really big names in pest control were joining in on the conversation. In fact, as some of the top names in pest control began to offer advice to support their fellow pest professionals Jerry new he was onto something big.  

You will find followers are a bit of a cult. They offer motivational posts, feedback on products new to the market, assistance with pest identification, a dose of daily humor and more.

For some solid real world advice be sure to visit Jerry’s blog at and request to join his Facebook group, if you’re a social media user. 




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