Businesses to Watch   |   April 6, 2017

Lawn Doctor

Have you ever wondered what it takes to go from a small, locally-owned business to a nationwide franchising sensation? Just ask Lawn Doctor. Over the past 50 years, Lawn Doctor has grown into the second largest lawn care company in the US, and the largest franchisor. 

The leadership team at Lawn Doctor truly changed the landscape of the lawn care business. Starting in the 1960s as a local hardware store in Matawan, NJ, the company quickly grew into a highly successful lawn care business. Lawn Doctor now has over 540 locations and 207 local experts servicing 39 states nationwide. 

Upon the unexpected death of one of the original owners, Russell Frith took over as President and CEO, and helped shape Lawn Doctor into what it is today. Frith had previously served as Lawn Doctor’s Director of Franchise Development and VP of Marketing. He is recognized as a top authority on franchising and business, and was recently inducted into the International Franchise Association (IFA) Hall of Fame.

In 2011, Russell Frith’s son, Scott Frith, took over as CEO of the company, after working his way up the ladder, from building equipment and outfitting franchisees’ vans during college to a marketing role after graduation. Scott builds on his father’s customer service legacy with 21st century technology to keep the company on the path to continued growth and success.

Poised for additional growth, Lawn Doctor has franchise opportunities available. Benefits of franchising with Lawn Doctor include its establish brand name and position as an industry leader; innovative and relevant brand offerings to franchises, and a 50 percent discount on licensing fees for those have made industry contributions.

Lawn Doctor is also interested in buying other lawn care businesses across the country (for its franchisees to operate locally) and other businesses in the green industry.  They know that choosing the right buyer really matters to small business owners, their customers and employees. Customer service is paramount, as is the operating system and advanced digital marketing capabilities Lawn Doctor provides its franchisees. Its vendor relationships (such as with Target Specialty Produts) bring added value and reduced cost of goods sold.

Target Specialty Products is proud to partner with Lawn Doctor, supplying them with professional pest control and turfgrass management supplies.  Target Specialty is also the recommended product supplier for Lawn Doctor's Yard Armour® Mosquito Control program.  “Our franchise system benefits from doing business with Target Specialty Products, as our large volume buys give us preferred pricing and free shipping on pest control products. Target Specialty Product also offers great training opportunities for our staff and their highly knowledgeable salespeople are always willing to answer product and technical questions that arise.“ - John Buechner, Director of Technical Services



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