Businesses to Watch   |   January 29, 2017

The Arthropodcast Show

A new radio show has hit the airwaves, one very unique to the business of pest control. The Arthropodcast Show debuted about a year ago with a cleaner version of a Howard Stern style show. Co-hosts/producers of the podcast include Bryan Baird, owner of his own pest management firm, and Steve Jackson, previous owner of a pest management firm now employed as a technician with a national firm. The podcast can be followed or downloaded at 

The duo doesn’t talk just about bugs and how to kill them. They prefer to start conversations about day-to-day topics that pest professionals are talking about. And while they don’t claim to have all the answers, they certainly will get the conversation started about every topic in pest management and beyond. They welcome on a flurry of industry guests and just recorded their 66th episode! Their goal is to release a new segment every other week or so.

PMPs are quickly embracing the technology which offers them the ability to listen as they work, drive, do their accounting or as they unwind from their day. The co-hosts believe there is a big void in good information and value in this industry. So PMPs are beginning to create it on their own. And that’s just what Bryan and Steve set out to do. Their target audience is the gung-ho technician, the new business owner or the owners out their that have a passion for this industry and are seeking out valuable information.

If you haven’t already you can download the show or subscribe at the link below. 




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