September 29, 2022
multi catch mouse trap

The Catchmaster Dual-Action Twin Catch now provides pest control operators with an effective option when confronted with increasingly sensitive accounts.  The Twin Catch was developed as a result of the growing pressure on pest control professionals by animal rights groups to stop using one of the key components of most IPM Plans,  adhesive based traps and monitors generically known as glue boards. 

September 28, 2022
dehumidifier for crawlspace

The Santa Fe Oasis105 is the first residential dehumidifier with a patented three-coil Efficiency Capacity Coil Optimization (ECCO) technology that maximizes energy efficiency and capacity in a very compact box. The unit removes an unprecedented 7.6 pints of water for every kilowatt of energy at 80F and 60% RH. 

September 7, 2022
rat detector app

Tamper resistant bait stations contain more than bait and traps, they contain a wealth of information for the pest control technician. Once a bait station is opened, evidence can be gathered, such as if there was rodent activity since the last service. While this information is valuable, it is also limiting, leaving many unanswered questions about rodent activity, which if known, would make it easier for a PMP to quickly enhance service at the account.    

August 8, 2022
dry flowable bait

Controlling pests in hard-to-reach areas is within reach with Advion® MicroFlow insect bait, the latest addition to the trusted Advion brand family from Syngenta. This dry flowable bait features a highly attractive bait matrix that provides better bait consumption and improved pest mortality at low use rates.

August 4, 2022
most hated insects

Insects are among the least popular species in the United States. Not only can they be a nuisance, they can also threaten our health and well-being. But which insects are disliked the most?    

August 4, 2022
smart rodent trap

Over the last several years the conversation around implementing smart monitoring devices has dominated every pest category in our industry. This is not unusual, after all, people are adopting new time saving and security technologies into their day-to-day home and business routines organically. These are factors that beg the pest management professional to ask the question, “Does it make sense to keep doing this the same way?”

August 3, 2022
when does grass go dormant

We are witnessing a heat wave impacting much of the US and this brings about significant impact on cool-season grasses, as this weather pattern impacts turfgrass growth and overall appearance.

August 3, 2022
preventive pest control

A Perimeter Pro is a structural pest management technician who understands that the exterior perimeter is the source of a wide variety of structural pests that often invade the interior of buildings. These experts know it’s a best practice to prevent a pest problem on the exterior of a structure than to attempt remediation once the pest becomes established indoors. 

August 2, 2022
tips for spraying wasp nests

TERRO® Wasp & Hornet Killer (item # T3300-6) is a water-based entrapping foam spray that coats nests for a complete kill. The entrapping foam not only kills wasps and hornets inside the nest, but it also remains on the nest and kills unsuspecting insects that attempt to return.

July 11, 2022
cleanout biofilm in drains

Consider adding bio-sanitation to your list of services for both commercial and residential accounts. Standard sanitation practices often do not address the need for removal of organic buildup, especially in hard to reach and unseen areas. Supplementing regular cleaning with bio-sanitation creates an enhanced sanitation program in both commercial kitchens and residential accounts.