Pest News   |   August 6, 2020

Scion Insecticide with UVX Technology

In June of 2019, FMC launched Scion™ Insecticide with UVX™ Technology as the premier option for 90-day perimeter pest control. It didn’t take long for PMPs to adopt Scion and share their experience with FMC.

“Scion insecticide is bonding and doing the trick on ants and palmetto bugs.  I like to offer my customers the best out there and I’m all for investing in a new product to fit my program”

                - Seth Cheever, Over-A-Cheever Pest Control Sarasota, Florida

With plenty of testimonials like Seth’s, FMC took the next step with Scion and introduced the Perimeter Performance Assurance Program at PestWorld 2019. The assurance program guarantees 90-days of no retreatments related to key perimeter pests for Scion applications following the best management practices outlined in the program. 

But what’s the secret to Scion™ Insecticide with UVX™ Technology that makes it such a suitable solution for 90-day pest control?

Unlike many other products, Scion was engineered with a goal in mind – control of the toughest pests and continuous residual performance under the harshest conditions.  To achieve this goal, FMC took gamma-cyhalothrin, the most-active pyrethroid, and built a proprietary, multi-component formulation around it. Scion™ Insecticide with UVX™ Technology includes:

  • Readily available AI. When designing a product for residual control, it is easy to sacrifice speed. But, to control the toughest pests, the right amount of AI needs to be available at application.
  • Controlled release AI. Numerous environmental conditions degrade insecticide actives. A controlled release makes sure the right amount of AI is available for continuous control.
  • UV protection. Sunlight can quickly degrade pyrethroid active ingredients. UVX technology was engineered to contend with day after day of harsh sunlight.
  • Durability on harsh surfaces. Harsh surfaces, especially alkaline surfaces like concrete foundations break down pyrethroids. Scion was tested on freshly poured concrete to confirm that UVX technology could handle the challenge. 

To learn more about the Scion Perimeter Performance Assurance, Click Here