Product Education   |   October 7, 2021

How to Properly Place Mouse Glue Traps

Victor mouse glue boards are an excellent, simple and non - toxic method of control however for best results they must be placed properly. Always place your glue boards along known travel paths of the mouse.


Mice like to travel along walls and baseboards so place your traps along these areas where evidence of mice such as fecal pellets or droppings are seen. When placing traps it is always best to lay them flat with the side along the wall bent up 90 degrees using the provided perforation that runs lengthwise along the one long side on the board. This will create two catch areas, one along the wall and another on the floor.


Another option is to tent the glue trap. This should be done when placed in a dusty or dirty area or you want to prevent children or pets from coming in contact with the adhesive or the catch in the trap.


All Victor mouse glue boards are pre-baited with a non allergenic peanut butter attractant so no additional baiting is required. In addition to mice these traps will also catch crawling insects and spiders.


By following these simple tips you will greatly increase your success and eliminate your mouse problem.