Product Education   |   October 8, 2021

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Based on our in depth and detailed knowledge of rodent behavior and biology, we know that bait effectiveness is down to two factors: what they contain and how they are used.


Our range of bait formulations are based on two of the most widely used anticoagulants in rodenticides. All anticoagulants, following accidental or secondary poisoning, can be antidoted with Vitamin K1. We only use food-grade wheat flour, chopped wheat, sugar, grains and seeds in our formulations to produce high quality, palatable baits.


Our Brigand baits, with their innovative soft bait and wax block formulations, have been trusted by American PMP’s for over ten years. These ready for use single feed baits contain 0.005% w/w bromadiolone.


Brigand Soft Bait’s lard based formula stays pliable at low temperatures and is ideal against high levels of competing food sources.

  • 0.35oz (10g) sachet x 720 per 16lb pail (in 8 x 2lb sealed bags)
    EPA Reg No. 87235-1

Brigand Wax Blocks are hot cast with edible wax in molds for high water resistance, ideal for wet and humid conditions.

  • 1oz block x 288 per 18lb pail
    EPA Reg No. 87235-2

Our Monark Soft Bait has been specifically developed to meet the needs of residential contracts, where there are more non-target pets, wildlife and children around. Monark is a ready for use bait containing 0.005% w/w difenacoum which has a lower toxicity profile than bromadiolone; making it less harmful in the environment and thereby significantly reducing the risk of secondary toxicity to non-targets.

  • • 0.5oz (15g) sachet x 480 per 16lb pail (in 8 x 2lb sealed bags).
    EPA Reg No. 87235-3

Using an integrated rodent control program to ensure the correct use and placement of the bait will greatly enhance the effectiveness of the control and minimize the risk of poisoning non-target animals including pets, farm animals, wild animals and birds. Bait stations must be used and are one of the easiest ways to keep bait secure, fresh and dry and provide a convenient and simple way to place, check and top up rodenticide baits. All of these bait formulations can easily be skewered through the center on to a bait station rod.


You can find out more about selecting the correct bait and following a sound baiting regime here: and see our full 6 Steps to Rodent Control here:

Part of that program is ensuring restricted ingress through exclusion methods, which led to the development of our unique, non-toxic RodentStop barrier compound to help PMP’s easily plug awkward cracks, gaps, seams and holes up to 4 square inches. The 12oz tube is quick and easy to apply with a caulking gun both inside and outside premises to bricks, cement, steel, cast iron and PVC.


RodentStop contains metal fibers, EPS beads and fillers to stop rodents gnawing through. Once applied it forms a waterproof and paintable skin in 48 hours, but stays tacky underneath for up to 5 years to keep rodents and other pests out.


Together this range of products gives you the tools you can rely on, whatever situation you are dealing with.