Product Education   |   November 6, 2023

The perfect toolkit for residential rodent control!

rodent bait

Kids and pets are added factors when you are carrying out rodent control around someone’s home, but PelGar has the perfect toolkit combination!

For proofing and exclusion work use our unique RoBan Barrier compound, it’s perfect for
cracks, gaps and holes where you might normally pop in some wire wool that small fingers can easily remove. RoBan Barrier is a paste compound that is easily applied with a caulking gun to fill cracks, gaps and holes up to 2x2” in wood, brick, PVC and metal. The combination of metal fibers and polymers stops rodents gnawing through, with the added
bonus that it doesn’t contain any active ingredients so it’s totally safe to use in homes.
It quickly forms a waterproof and paintable outer skin, whilst the paste stays tacky on the inside so if any rodents try to chew through it simply reseals.

If you do need to bait our Monark Soft Bait is ideal for residential clients as it is based on the active difenacoum, which has a lower LD50 than difethialone. But what does that actually mean? A rat needs to consume 0.3oz of difenacoum bait to ingest a lethal dose – an average rat normally eats 1oz of food per day. But a 20lb dog needs to eat 20lb of difenacoum, compared to only 3.2lb of difethialone, to ingest a lethal dose.* Monark SB is made with lard and food-grade grains to make it highly attractive to rodents and, being a soft bait, it’s easy to skewer the sachet on to a bait station rod. This keeps it secure from children and pets and stops rodents dragging it out of the bait station.