Product Education   |   October 7, 2021

Tips & Tricks for Effective Perimeter Control from MGK

As the cold weather moves in, pests start looking for warmer living conditions and might head right into your customers’ homes. To combat fall invaders, you need a solid perimeter control protocol and high performing products to meet the challenge. Get tips from MGK on upping your perimeter control game this season.

Be Prepared

As many PMPs know, the pest you get the call about might not be the only one you find when you get there. Stay productive on your route by stocking your truck with products with flexible labels, allowing for use on multiple pests both indoors and out.

Inspection is Key

A thorough inspection gives you the opportunity to see pest activity for yourself, like rodents and other fall invaders, before creating a treatment plan. While most PMPs are focused on the three feet up and out from the structure, make sure you also look up – soffits and eaves are a common entry point for these fall invaders.

Remove Conducive Conditions

This non-chemical tactic removes ideal harborage areas and blocks pest routes into the house – and it’s something homeowners can help with before you arrive.

  • Trim branches and bushes away from the house
  • Reduce mulch and leaf piles
  • Get rid of standing water or other excess moisture
  • Move any pest-attracting items, like stacked firewood, away from the home

Treat with the Most Effective Products

Get products that are fast-acting and have a long residual. Look for microencapsulated formulations, as they are well-suited for outdoor treatments. MGK has several products that fit the bill:

  • Onslaught® FastCap treats biting and stinging pests* with a powerful fast-kill formula and controlled release technology for continuous kill.
  • Sumari® Insecticide provides fast-acting and long-lasting residual control of ants* and can boost productivity and reduce call backs.
  • OneGuard® combines the power of a knockdown agent, long-lasting insecticide, synergist and IGR to manage mosquitoes and a broad spectrum of other insects*.
  • *See product labels for full list of pests killed or controlled

MGK’s perimeter control portfolio is exactly what PMPs need to keep their routes productive – and keep their customers happy. Learn more at