Product Education   |   September 8, 2021

Control over 90 pests with the flexibility of Tandem

With the simplicity of one product but the versatility of two active ingredients and two modes of action, Tandem® Insecticide from Syngenta offers a variety of unique features and benefits to maximize your pest control services. Its ZC formulation combines a capsule suspension of lambda-cyhalothrin with a suspension concentrate of thiamethoxam, which provides flexible, long-lasting control.

Key benefits and features

  • With iCAP technology™, Tandem works in harsh environmental conditions to provide immediate and long-lasting control
  • Offers systemic action that targets honeydew-producing insects, which are a food source for ants
  • Targets 90+ pests with a single product
  • Labeled for use indoors and outdoors, as well as in food-handling establishments

Watch the following video to see how Tandem works:

For more information about Tandem, click here.

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