Product Education   |   October 13, 2021

Pulse Baiting with iQ

Increasing regulatory pressure on the use of rodenticides makes it critical for pest management professionals (PMPs) to ensure their knowledge of rodent activity is verifiable.


Pulse baiting with iQ products is one tactic PMPs can implement. It is the combination of non-toxic monitoring blocks in conjunction with rodent monitoring technology. Pulse baiting is when a non-active monitoring bait is used first to diagnose activity in bait stations. Once activity is confirmed, an active bait is placed in the bait station. When rodent activity is proven via Bell Sensing App, swap out non-toxic monitor for an active bait. This gives PMPs proof of which bait stations have rodent activity. The use of Bell’s Express iQ tray will help you find out when, where, and why rodents are traveling. PMPs can then use this information to provide a targeted rodenticide approach for their customers. Having this knowledge of when and where rodents are traveling also allows PMPs to use snap traps in bait stations with verified activity, know where exclusion efforts will be most effective, and know when active bait rotation is necessary.