Product Education   |   November 6, 2023

How to manage mosquitos long-term

mosquito pest control

Mosquito management isn't new, and demand for lasting mosquito control from customers in private residences has never been higher. Mosquito species (including Aedes aegypti) are becoming more present for longer durations across the United States.

This upshift has the potential for lucrative business. However, mosquitos are extremely persistent, and staying ahead of their reproduction with conventional product control cycles is not easy. As a result, residents see resurgent mosquito populations…
leading to more callbacks and unexpected costs for pest management professionals (PMPs).

By providing innovative solutions, PMPs can control mosquitos for longer, ultimately keeping customers happy while reducing costs associated with callbacks and retreatments.

Controlling the whole propertymosquito pest control

PMPs undertaking mosquito control are likely aware of how difficult effective, long-term treatment can be. While there are always easy wins — identifying sitting water breeding locations like empty tires and clogged gutters for customers — mosquito habitation and resting sites across a property require effective application to control adult populations.

These sites are where insecticides approved for mosquito control must be applied to put a serious dent in existing mosquito populations, as well as future adults that migrate from neighboring properties.

On the home itself, this is often eves, gutters, and shady-side flat surfaces where mosquitos rest. Around the property, all foliage up to 25 feet high should be treated as local rules permit. And, for optimal comfort and customer safety, PMPs should pay special
attention to decks, pools, and patios… since this is where people spend most of their outdoor time.

The right equipment, products, and tools

When it comes to applying an approved adulticide for mosquitos via mist blower, it’s critical PMPs prepare the product — and themselves — for safe, effective application.

Technicians should always wear full PPE.

  • Eye protection
  • A long-sleeved shirt
  • Chemical-resistant gloves
  • Long pants
  • Shoes with full-length socks

These precautions minimize skin contact with product, especially in the areas most likely to make contact during the application process.

A 2-to-3-gallon backpack blower should be worn and used for application, using the supplied arm-directed line end to disperse insecticide in a mist. Controlled bursts applied into foliage and other previously-mentioned target areas will yield the best results.

For more detail, see the video below.

Callbacks: Expensive and exhausting

While many insecticides approved for mosquito control can be used for immediate results, some products fall off in efficacy within a few short weeks. Consequently, customers experience mosquito annoyance soon thereafter, resulting in callbacks for retreatment or other remediation.

While callbacks may seem like a necessary annoyance to many PMPs, it’s worth noting every callback affects a business’s bottom line with direct and indirect costs:

  • Additional product
  • Additional technician time
  • Equipment fuel/gas
  • Vehicle fuel/gas
  • Opportunity cost: Not servicing other routes
  • Brand trust cost: Customers losing faith in service

Combined, these costs add together to make less-than-optimal mosquito treatments very expensive for any PMP business that wishes to make mosquito control a mainline service.

Scion® Insecticide: A solution that lasts

Scion® Insecticide with UVX™ Technology from FMC addresses longevity concerns by being the only insecticide guaranteed against retreatments for 75 days. Backed by the FMC True
Champions Assurance Program, Scion’s formulation withstands high temperatures and harsh surfaces for multiple months, providing mosquito control that can last an entire season.

As a result, PMPs can treat residences for mosquitos once — then rest assured their customers are protected from annoyance and mosquito-borne diseases for at least 75 days. This represents major peace of mind for customers, and significantly reduced long-term costs for PMP business owners who can build their brand around proven mosquito control with Scion.