Product Education   |   September 7, 2023

Bring Pest Management Full Circle with the Vendetta Family

vendetta roach gel

The Vendetta family has everything you need for your rotational cockroach management program. Choose from four different baits that provide consistent and long-term control over a wide range of dietary conditions. The tasty bait matrices are highly attractive and effective, with multiple modes of action. Designed for use in food handling facilities, the heat-stable Vendetta family offers a solution to any infestation level.

  • Vendetta for maintenance
  • Vendetta for maintenance
  • Vendetta Nitro for heavy infestations
  • Vendetta 360 for rotation

Introducing Vendetta® 360: A Revolution in Rotation

Vendetta 360 Cockroach Gel Bait is a uniquely formulated bait matrix. This revolutionary rotational bait attracts and kills cockroaches where they hide. With the inclusion of insect growth regulator NyGuard® IGR, this newly available bait provides you with dual modes of action throughout your rotation with the Vendetta line.

A New Menu for Roaches

Bait rotation is critical to combat aversion and helps you get effective control. Vendetta 360 is the ideal rotational bait that is designed to be used with Vendetta®, Vendetta® Plus, and Vendetta® Nitro Cockroach Gel Baits. The novel bait matrix changes cockroaches' cuisine to help prevent them from becoming picky eaters.

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