Product Education   |   August 22, 2023

Take Down Rodents with Liphatech

takedown ii

When facing a heavy infestation, you need a rodenticide that works fast and leaves no rodent behind. This is especially true in populated areas, food processing plants and other commercial accounts.

As an acute rodenticide, TakeDown® II is effective in fighting rodent populations and for controlling infestations, especially those in commercial settings.

This product, one of many effective solutions from Liphatech, utilizes the active ingredient bromethalin. Bromethalin is a non-anticoagulant that provides faster results than anticoagulant rodenticides. TakeDown II can be used indoors or outdoors and is effective against Norway rats, roof rats and house mice that are anticoagulant-resistant. The first dead rodents may appear as soon as two days after a lethal dose is consumed.

In addition to being highly effective and fast acting, TakeDown II is available in two formulations – soft bait and mini block – to fit PMP preferences for their clients’ needs and the demands of their environment.

Along with all the benefits of the active ingredient, the soft bait pouches are ideal for applications in hot environments. Soft bait maintains its integrity and palatability in extreme temperatures and sunny conditions.

TakeDown II soft bait comes in 8g pouches, which are ideal for use on vertical or horizontal rods and Liphatech’s SoftSecure™ Technology (SST). It is available for purchase in cases of four 4-pound bags.

Like soft bait, TakeDown II mini blocks are designed to be installed on vertical or horizontal rods, and the blocks feature the added benefit of a center hole for securing the bait to the station without any mess upon application. Mini blocks offer the same great benefits as TakeDown II soft bait, providing PMPs options for what works best for their individual customers amidst the harder challenges.

TakeDown II mini blocks are also sold in cases of four 4-pound bags. These 14g rodenticide blocks are designed with rodent gnawing edges to further entice feeding activity on this highly palatable product.

Both options are complementary to Liphatech’s tamper-resistant bait stations for the security of the soft baits and mini blocks.

Liphatech’s team of technical experts can help determine which formulation of TakeDown II is best suited for specific rodent challenges and environments. To learn more, visit