Product Education   |   June 6, 2022

The Insect Gel Solutions You Trust, Now Available in Single and Four Pack Offerings!

insect gel for ant and roach control

The power of choice now applies to your gel baits! Whether 4-pack or single cartridge offerings, SureKill® Ant and Roach Gel Baits allow you more flexibility in your inventory preferences. These baits offer exceptional adhesion when treating hard to reach places, helping your bait stay where it's applied while providing around-the-clock control. Containing the active ingredient Imidacloprid, these baits kill many of the most common ant and cockroach species where they hide, breed, and live. With spring treatments in full swing and summer quickly approaching, now is the time to replenish your stock of gel baits!

Why SureKill® GEL Baits?

  • Generous 40-gram cartridges offer approximately 1,000 applications, at the recommended rate
  • Easy clean-up means no mess or odor for your or your customers
  • Lethal treatment that controls hidden ants and cockroaches