Product Education   |   July 9, 2021

Turf Fuel Vertical Q&A with Steve Loveday, Product Development Manager, Target Specialty Products

Why did Turf Fuel develop Vertical?

Since 2011, our goal at Turf Fuel has been to deliver product solutions to turf managers that make the job easier, improve turf quality and bring great value to their operation. Our latest product innovation, Vertical, takes on both plant and soil health with a technology-packed formulation.


What does the name Vertical mean?

Vertical gets its name from how it works. It literally works vertically from the tips of the roots to the tips of the shoots, creating ultrastrong turf and healthy soil.


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How does Vertical create ultrastrong turf?

One of the greatest challenges faced by the curators of fine turf is energy production; plant energy, that is. Low mowing heights reduce the plant’s ability to harness sunlight, and when you mix that with persistent environmental stress, well, turf has a lot stacked against it. Vertical from the new Turf Fuel Reserve line makes survival easier than ever as it contains university-proven Nutrifense™ technology to improve turf survival rates during intense stress and resources to support and improve soil biology. When combined with micronutrients, Vertical creates an incredible color response. This intense color response means more chlorophyll or “solar panels.” Another way Vertical supports photosynthesis is by safeguarding key enzymes from degradation during high heat and humidity.


How does Vertical improve soil health?

In the soil, Vertical works to supply existing soil biology with a rich carbon food source derived from a handcrafted sugar complex specifically formulated for intensely managed turf. As microorganisms consume carbon, they release carbon dioxide, which will be liberated from the soil and then absorbed by the plant for energy production. Below ground, Vertical also contains a new root-driving technology to promote new growth, giving plants better access to nutrients and water.


How is Vertical fertilizerused on the golf course?

Vertical is super easy to use and can be applied in both foliar and soil applications. Vertical doesn’t need to be watered in and has proven to be very tank compatible. The high efficiency 8 percent potassium/carbon blend is quickly absorbed into plant tissue and works to shuttle other tank mix components into tissue as well.