Product Education   |   August 22, 2023

Santa Fe Oasis105

energy efficient dehumidifier

The Santa Fe Oasis105 features the latest advancement in humidity control with its patented three-coil Efficiency Capacity Coil Optimization (ECCO) technology that maximizes energy efficiency and capacity in a very compact box.

ECCO technology replaces the traditional evaporator with a three-coil design in the Santa Fe Oasis105, enabling it to remove an unprecedented 7.6 pints of water for every kilowatt of energy at 80F and 60% RH.

energy efficient dehumidifier

By utilizing the combination of the pre-evaporator (Coil #1) and recovery coils (Coil #3), the evaporator isn't burdened with sensibly cooling the air. Likewise, the energy required to pre-cool the air is fully recovered, offering a 30-40% capacity boost without any additional compressor capacity.

The Santa Fe Oasis105 is 36% more efficient than Energy Star's 2022 Most Energy Efficient Dehumidifier that has less capacity. This new patented refrigeration system is exceptionally compact. It takes up 33% - 50% less space than other dehumidifiers on the market of similar efficiency, making the product easier to transport, install, and warehouse.

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