Expert Answer

Q: Which products are labeled through thermal foggers for mosquito control? I have access to a DynaFog fogger but am struggling to find labeled products. Looking for some residual, but primarily quick knockdown.


It is important to note the difference between application techniques for mosquito control before selecting which product to use. ULV fogging works by compressing the insecticide through a specially designed nozzle. This produces a very fine mist.  Applications made in this manner are great for quick knock-down but do not tend to offer any residual control. Misting from a backpack would allow you to use a product with more residual control.  This type of application will produce a larger droplet size than “fogging” and will wet surfaces where product is applied. There a many products labeled for each of these application methods.  Please contact your local Target Specialty Products’ Location for more information on these products.