Product Education   |   July 15, 2021

Prebaiting with Niban

You know it’s going to happen! During those first couple days of warm weather hundreds of ant colonies erupt with forager ants looking for food for their growing colonies. And they find a food source – at your customer’s home. Then the foragers call in reinforcements and hundreds of worker ants go marching to invade that home. Now your customer calls for their own reinforcements, and you have a callback!


What a lot of smart pest companies are doing is pre-season baiting with Niban. The main problem PMPs face is not knowing when those first warm days will come – but with Niban prebaiting, it won’t matter! When the activity starts, the ants' meal is already waiting for them when they arrive at your customer's home. Ants carry back Niban back to the nest to feed every member. Niban’s active ingredient spreads through the colony and kills the colony and the queen.


Niban can be applied as a perimeter treatment by creating a 2-foot band around a structure. You can also apply Niban around wood piles (a great solution for carpenter ants), near ant mounds, in mulch beds and flower beds.

Niban eliminates the problem before it is a problem. And that eliminates the callback. And that’s good for business.