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British Columbia Turfgrass and Landscape Supply products and solutions

Target Specialty Products in Langley, British Columbia has been and continues to be a leading value-added service provider of turfgrass and golf course supply solutions, turf and ornamental solutions, application equipment, agrochemical and industrial chemical supplies, and education and training programs. We serve the Landscape and Turf & Ornamental markets in the private and public sector, for aquatic management, forestry management, golf course and turfgrass maintenance, landscape maintenance, nursery maintenance, and vegetation management. Our Langley location serves Langley, Metro Vancouver and other regions in British Columbia.

Though not one of the more commonly-known Canadian towns, Langley is a tourist destination in its own right, complete with big-city amenities and small-town charm. Its rich history and lush landscapes maintain a rural feel within Metro Vancouver. A city so pedestrian-oriented as Langley must take special care to keep grounds safe and presentable. Doing so requires professional landscaping care to ensure that outdoor spaces live up to expectations from residents and visitors. Target Specialty Products in Langley offers a broad line of the best and latest products in the industry for local turfgrass and landscape businesses. In addition, we also provide training workshops for employees on how to implement these innovative products into their service solutions. Contact us today - learn more about partnering with Target Specialty Products at Langley BC.