Product Education   |   June 3, 2022

Nisus Web Out

outdoor spider web removal

Web Out is a minimum risk 25(b) FIFRA exempt product from Nisus Corporation made from a blend of biodegradable essential oils and vinegar. It repels and kills spiders and many other perimeter pests such as ants, crickets, mosquitoes, and cockroaches by contact.

Spiders are predators, and their movements are centered around searching for prey, constructing webs to capture prey and finding mates. Web Out helps to control spiders by eliminating adults and aiding in spider web and egg sac removal. It also helps prevent future web formation on treated surfaces for as much as 60 days outdoors depending on weather exposure.

For best results, use outdoors. Products containing essential oils are fragrant. For interior use, the scent may be objectionable to some individuals but dissipates over time. Staining may also be a more significant concern indoors. Use discretion for interior applications. Any product containing essential oils can stain surfaces that can absorb oil. Always test an inconspicuous area for colorfastness or oil absorption before use. Some likely surfaces include, but are not limited to, plastic, vinyl siding, concrete, bare wood and materials painted with flat or semigloss paint. Do not apply to these surfaces if staining is a concern.

Apply Web Out directly on spiders (and other pests as needed), on their webs and in cracks and crevices. It will kill by contact plus enable you to easily clean away treated webs. Also apply Web Out to your webster, broom, sponge or brush tools for easier tool clean-up.

For areas of little ecological concern, shake well and spray a fine mist of Web Out directly on spiders, webs and surrounding areas. After application use a web brush to remove all webbing. The brush can be attached to an extension pole for extended reach. To help reduce overspray on non-target areas, apply Web Out with a sponge or web brush rather than spraying. Oversprayed surfaces can be cleaned with warm, soapy water.

For more sensitive areas, apply Web Out to a web brush first, and use the webster to clean and apply Web Out to surfaces. Web Out can be used around water, including boat docks and marinas.

For large areas where brush use is not practical, use a vacuum to remove any remaining webs and egg sacs in inaccessible areas after initial application. After each vacuum session remove and discard any material collected from the vacuum promptly, while avoiding skin exposure. Apply Web Out directly on surfaces after the mechanical removal of webs.

Get a jump on spider populations before they get out of control. Continue to inspect entry points, look for any increase in insect populations and watch for additional spider populations and webs. A well planned, integrated program – started early – delivers the best results. Web Out can help your program be successful.