Expert Answer

Q: How do I manage scorpions indoors?


Scorpions generally enter structures through openings around the structure. Examples of these openings can be plumbing fixtures, gaps in doors and windows and cracks in walls and the foundation. Exclusion should be the first priority, when examining how to avoid scorpions in home and indoor areas. Sealing off entry points is a huge part of managing scorpions indoors. Another factor in scorpion management is managing the food supply, the insects. Some insects that scorpions eat include spiders, flies, beetles. One contributing factor is outdoor lights that attract insects, which will attract scorpions. Using yellow lighting will help attract less insects. Once you have modified the structure, using an insecticide at the points of entry can help. Microencapsulated formulations have been very successful in managing scorpions. Follow the directions on the label for rates, mixing and application techniques.


Photo Credit: Scorpion - Young Desert Hairy. This photo was taken by Josh Shoemaker.