Product Education   |   September 7, 2022

Express iQ provides the inside scoop on a locked station

rat detector app

Tamper resistant bait stations contain more than bait and traps, they contain a wealth of information for the pest control technician. Once a bait station is opened, evidence can be gathered, such as if there was rodent activity since the last service. This can be determined if the bait looks like it was consumed or if there are droppings or nesting material present. While this information is valuable, it is also limiting, leaving many unanswered questions about rodent activity levels, which if were known, would make it easier for a pest management professional (PMP) to quickly enhance service at the account.

Smart rodent trap checking for automation

If these locked stations could never be opened again, there wouldn’t be any way to get useful information out of them. The information that is needed to proceed with the job responsibilities would be stuck inside with no way to get it out. Opening and servicing each station, again and again, regardless of activity, has been one of the main ways PMPs have been able to gather rodent information since the invention of bait stations decades prior.

Luckily, there is now a more high-tech way to gather that necessary information without having to open each individual locked station – iQ products, powered by Bell Sensing Technologies. In a click of a button on your smart device, know all the information you need to properly service an account, plus more. With iQ technology, PMPs now know the exact number of rodent visits to a station, timestamps of each visit, and historical and seasonal trends of activity at the bait station. This compiled data gives PMPs information on when and where rodents are traveling. Not only is this information available on site, but reports are also automatically generated and emailed at the completion of each service visit. Reports received can be shared with the customer, providing proof that there is rodent activity and increasing a technician’s service offering to the customer. This information is knowledge, knowledge that the technician can use along with his professional training, to come up with educated solutions for the pest problem at hand. The power of iQ is evolving the way the rodent control industry conducts business, for the better.

PMPs do not have to spend their time bending over and kneeling to open hundreds of stations at a single account. iQ products directly communicate through Bluetooth technology to the Bell Sensing rat detectorApp. PMPs only have to be within proximity of the devices to download its information. The time saved from not having to open every single station can now be used in other aspects of the job, such as conducting inspections, exclusion efforts, other pests, or visiting a greater number of accounts in a day.

Switching to iQ products is easy because multiple gateways or Wi-Fi passwords for each account are not required. All you need to get started is login to the portal and download the Bell Sensing rat trackerApp. With the Express iQ tray, simply switch out the old tray in an existing station with the new iQ tray. Instantly begin monitoring rodent activity at your accounts. Gather knowledge and turn it into power to solve rodent activity problems, quickly and efficiently.

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