Product Education   |   May 9, 2022

We are committed to the proper use of BASF chemistries

correct insecticide

Day in and day out, pest management professionals (PMPs) use pesticides to protect homes, businesses, public health and property, from pests that can cause damage or carry disease.

PROPER Use is the commitment by BASF to reinforce the core principles of responsible pesticide use. It’s also the name of the website the company launched in late 2021 that includes information about best practices and environmental responsibility— all to ensure the best results, and the safest practices/protocols, possible.

Topics covered on the Proper Use website include:

  • The ABCs of personal protective equipment (PPE)
  • Pest identification, application sites and pesticide selection
  • Reading and following the label
  • On-target application and responsible use
  • Proper waste disposal and safe storage

The information on the website may also be useful for consumer education.

For an overview about PROPER use, watch this video: