Product Education   |   September 29, 2022

Catchmaster #611 Dual Action Twin Catch Trap

multi catch mouse trap

The Catchmaster Dual-Action Twin Catch now provides pest control operators with an effective option when confronted with increasingly sensitive accounts. The Twin Catch was developed as a result of the growing pressure on pest control professionals by animal rights groups to stop using one of the key components of most IPM Plans, adhesive based traps and monitors generically known as glue boards.

Glue boards have long been in the sights of wildlife activists. Their use in public facilities is often challenged by well-meaning but uninformed citizens. In the past when PMP’s were confronted with this issue they were forced to fall back on less effective means. This often resulted the increased application of pesticides and rodenticides in non-specific and often unnecessary locations contrary to the spirit of IPM.

The Twin Catch is a multi-catch station which has been designed with a unique feature that allows it to be used with snap traps and glue boards simultaneously while excluding rodents from the adhesive surface. This allows PCO’s to continue to monitor for crawling insects and to capture small rodents at the same time. The Dual Action Twin Catch gives technicians the option of installing a glue board in a fashion that creates an internal boundary, only allowing rodents access to the snap traps while excluding them from the adhesive surface.

The Dual Action Twin Catch can be used with most commercially available snap traps but is designed to work with the clam-style Catchmaster # 605P which features a patented “underbite lip” that was developed to facilitate a quick and positive kill. The hybrid style Catchmaster # 607P as well as the Catchmaster # 602P standard wooden trap also work well in the device.

The Catchmaster 72TC is the standard glue board used in the ubiquitous multicatch/tin cat stations. The 72TC is produced with a unique perforation that allows it to be bent into an “L-shaped” board . When installed properly in a Twin Catch device the board creates a boundary wall, excluding rodents from the sticky area. This allows PCO’s to continue to monitor for and trap roaches and other crawling insects.

Information gleaned from monitor captures can then be used by pest control professionals to identify exact species, hot zones and trouble areas indicating infestation sources and other potential locations where exclusion may be necessary. This information is critical to any IPM Plan and allows technicians to identify and focus on problem areas, minimizing unnecessary chemical use and maximizing treatment efficacy and impact. The Catchmaster # 701 Roach Attractant is a great addition to the Twin Catch and all crawling insect monitors. The 701 has been scientifically proven to increase capture rates of roaches when used in conjunction with adhesive based monitors.

The Dual Action Twin Catch is a great example of how the dedicated staff at Catchmaster continue to strive to protect the environment and to improve lives by providing effective, quality tools for any situation that pest management professionals encounter.

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