Product Education   |   July 24, 2023

Five Essential Steps to Protect Customers From Mosquitoes


The summer season is when families take their fun outside, but they are often confronted by biting mosquitoes. Mosquito activity is alarming to homeowners because these pests are extremely bothersome and have the potential to transmit life-threatening diseases.

Making sure customers are protected and satisfied can be challenging because mosquitoes are very difficult to control. Here are five simple but important steps to follow this year to help reduce the population and protect the public.

  • During inspection, make sure the property is clear. If a customer is reporting mosquito activity, the first step is to look around the property for environments conducive to mosquito breeding like excess foliage, an uncut lawn, standing water and unclean gutters. Pay particular attention to shady spots where mosquitoes typically rest, including under decks or eaves, tall tree canopies, and elevated structures. Mosquitoes are potentially dangerous pests, and these factors can contribute to the problem
  • After inspection, communicate the importance of keeping the exterior of the property clean. Homeowners need to know that keeping the exterior of the property clean and clear is essential to prevent future mosquito development and infestations. They might not know that shady areas that collect still water are especially conducive to mosquito breeding. Help them take part in the process by finding these areas and showing them the easy, everyday steps they can take to make their property inhospitable for these pests.
  • Apply a barrier treatment insecticide. Select a product that provides fast relief, long-lasting protection and is easy to use. Suspend® PolyZone® insecticide from Envu provides up to 90 days of residual control, and it’s easy to mix, has no known phototoxicity and does not require PPE unless sprayed directly overhead. Additionally, with Suspend PolyZone insecticide, there are no wind speed or interval restrictions like bifenthrin products.
  • Set expectations clearly. Mosquitoes can be troubling to customers, so it is important to be thorough and communicate clearly with them. Set expectations that control is not achieved immediately with any residual product. Inform the customer that it can take one to two days to notice a difference after an initial service.
  • Report to the customer any changes in property conditions. During the quarterly inspection and application, the PMP might note changes to the property that provide mosquitoes additional harborages or developing sites. It is important to point these out to the customer and provide a helpful recommendation to prevent mosquito development.

Customers expect that pest control service will relieve them of these nuisance pests and take back their outdoor spaces. It is a difficult job, but it can be achieved successfully using the right tools, techniques and a proper service protocol. Following these best practices can reduce the possibility for callbacks, and a satisfied customer always helps with reputation.

For more need-to-know information on mosquito control, Suspend PolyZone insecticide, the Envu product lineup or product support, visit Envu Mosquito Control.

Authored by:

Matt Remmen
Technical Development Manager, Envu Professional Pest Management