Expert Answer

Q: What would be a great product to use for mosquito control?


In order to select a mosquito control product that is right for your program, you should consider several factors:  frequency of application, available equipment, and basic environmental considerations (i.e. weather, sensitive sites, product label etc.). 

Typically mosquito reduction programs include larviciding as well as an insecticide application approximately every 30 days to control adult mosquitoes.  Applying larvicides in areas where you cannot manage water collection will prevent immature mosquitoes from maturing into adults and ultimately assist in reducing mosquito populations. 


Best product to get rid of mosquitoes - pyrethroids and multiple actives 

Adulticiding monthly by concentrating your application to mosquito resting areas such as the underside of leaves, tall grasses, and other moist shady areas can be done using a number of products.  Most of these products include a pyrethroid as the active (Cy-Kick® CS, Demand® CS, Fendona™ CS, Suspend® PolyZone, Talstar ® P, etc.) while others incorporate a multiple active ingredient product (OneGuard®, Temprid FX® etc.)

It is also important to note that while there are many effective mosquito control products on the market, incorporating customer education about proper sanitation (eliminate standing water and excess vegetation management) will increase the efficacy of your mosquito program. 

For more information on specific products labeled for mosquito control in your area, please contact your local Target Specialty Products location.  Always read and follow all label instructions.