Product Education   |   May 3, 2022

OneGuard: Not Just for Mosquitoes! Get Control of Fleas and Ticks


Summer is fast approaching and everyone is looking forward to spending time outdoors. Many folks invest a lot in their backyard space to create an oasis that is perfect for entertainment and relaxation. The trouble comes when mosquitoes, ticks, and even fleas arrive to spoil the fun. Help your customer take back their backyard by using the all-in-one solution, OneGuard.

Communication with your customer is key when dealing with a flea or tick infestation. You need to hone in on the areas where pets rest and spend time. Find out if pet(s) spend any time outdoors, and if so, where. We commonly point the finger at our pets when a flea infestation is discovered. However, it is important to inspect the property, including crawl spaces, for any strays or wildlife that might be present.

Immature fleas do not like light. Focus your inspections on shaded areas where pets frequent. When treating indoors for fleas, vacuum areas prior to treatment. Thorough vacuuming has several benefits:

  • Physical removal of adults, larvae, and/or eggs from the space
  • Reduction of the immature’s food source (flea dirt)
  • Pupae are stimulated to emerge, which makes them more susceptible to an insecticide treatment/li>

Ticks do not fly or jump. To find a host, ticks often make their way up a blade of grass or other object and wait with their first pair of legs outstretched – a behavior known as questing. It’s like they’re waiting to give you a terrible hug. When an unsuspecting host walks by, the questing tick grabs on. Common hot spots for ticks include the lawn perimeter where grass meets the woods, tall grass or brushy areas.

Also consider common hosts for ticks, such as mice, and where you might find them on the property. Some of those harborages, such as piles of firewood, may not be appropriate for insecticide treatments. In that event, stress the importance of habitat modification to your customer.

We recommend a pre-treat inspection prior to unloading your equipment. This quick walk around the premises allows you to assess the property and determine the appropriate treatment plan without juggling bulky equipment. Look for harborage areas that might need special attention. This is also your opportunity to remove toys, pet bowls, and other items. Are there koi ponds, kids in the neighbor’s yards, vegetable gardens or other areas that you cannot treat? Get your equipment after you get a good feel for the space.

OneGuard is a product that was originally formulated with a focus on mosquito control, but it is also a great solution for fleas & tick control. With four active ingredients, OneGuard contains everything you need in your tank: a microcapped adulticide to provide long residual, a knockdown agent for quick kill, a synergist to help combat resistance, and an insect growth regulator (IGR).