Product Education   |   June 10, 2022

Nature-Cide 25(b) Minimum Risk Pesticides

epa minimum risk pesticide

Outdoors is where your services are going, and if you aren’t in the game of controlling pests from the perimeter, it won’t be long before you are outdated! More and more pest companies are figuring out that outdoor yard services are what their residential and even commercial companies are looking for. With this paradigm shift in pest control, you need to have green options, and Nature-Cide has the answer with Pest Management X2 and Pest Management Granular! In addition to solving pest issues, your customer’s will really appreciate the option to provide an all-natural solution with great smelling products that don’t smell like a sports creme.

As a result of opportunities based on market demand, many pest companies are now offering additional services such as tick, flea and mosquito control in outdoor areas. With the increase of these applications, it is even more critical to use products that are environmentally friendly, reduced risk, and helping your customers have the confidence that you are using products that are much safer for their employees, or kids and pets. An advantage when making applications with backpack misters, backpack sprayers, or power sprayers is that you can make applications around patio furniture, trash receptacles and even picnic tables.

Another concern that has been emerging in the industry is secondary poisoning and bee colony collapse. Choosing Nature-Cide’s Pest Management products can prevent these incidents from happening, and are even safer for use around fish ponds!

In addition to customer concerns, another shift in the industry is site restrictions, either due to label changes, or a facility’s status. Not only does Nature-Cide products have some of the broadest labels for outdoor application sites, they have the advantage of being EPA FIFRA 25 (b) Exempt. This is especially important for commercial sites that have restrictive application policies, such as non-use of EPA registered products. EPA Exempt products such as Nature-Cide’s fifra 25b exempt pesticidesallow you to control pests outdoors at sites that could have restrictions due to medical, pharmaceutical or agricultural status.

Using proprietary processes in production, Nature-Cide’s Pest Management X2 is designed to last with a 30-day residual and can be applied with any professional liquid application equipment in the industry. Also using a proprietary process in production, the Pest Management Granular is formulated to last up to 90 days, and in addition to killing insects, it will repel snakes, rats, mice, and lizards! Nature-Cide’s Granular can even be applied during the rain, and has a broad label for application sites such as around residential and commercial structures, turf (including ornamental), lawns, agricultural/farming establishments, golf courses, parks, playing fields, and right-of-ways. With Nature-Cide’s Pest Management productsepa minimum risk pesticides, you can provide control even in sensitive areas near lakes, ponds, rivers and streams. Help your residential and commercial customers keep the pests out of their structures, and enjoy the outdoors again with Nature-Cide! And for all natural indoor applications, Nature-Cide’s All Purpose and Insecticidal Dust are great options, giving you the tools you need to shut down pests inside and outside!