Product Education   |   September 28, 2022

Santa Fe Dehumidifiers Launches Next Major Advancement in Crawl Space Humidity Control

dehumidifier for crawlspace

The Santa Fe Oasis105 is the first residential dehumidifier with a patented three-coil Efficiency Capacity Coil Optimization (ECCO) technology that maximizes energy efficiency and capacity in a very compact box. The unit removes an unprecedented 7.6 pints of water for every kilowatt of energy at 80F and 60% RH. This new patented refrigeration system features corrosion resistant double coated coils that are exceptionally compact and take up 33% - 50% less space compared to other dehumidifiers on the market of similar efficiency, making the product easier to transport, install, and warehouse. The Santa Fe Oasis105 features a dew point cut-out control that protects the unit from low-temperature inefficient operation and helps extend the life of the unit.


  • +On-board digital controls
  • +Horizontal cabinet is conveniently sized for installation in crawl spaces
  • +Engineered for low temperature operation and the air flow issues that crawl spaces present
  • +Ducting options for better air flow and humidity control throughout the space
  • +Auto restart allows the dehumidifier to automatically restart after a power outage
  • +Variable-speed fan:
    • LOW speed for ultra-quiet operation
    • HIGH speed for ducted applications
    • AUTO speed is the most energy efficient
    • HIGH OVERRIDE for high static ducted applications
  • +Dew point cut-out protects from low temperature inefficient operation
  • +Positive pressure drain that does not require a P-Trap, resulting in less maintenance
  • +Integrated secondary drain pan with dedicated float switch port
  • +Molded base with integrated handles for easy movement and installation