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Q: What is Rodent Academy? Are they only offered in New York City?


Rodent Academy is a specialized training event that provides attendees with in-depth knowledge of commensal rodent biology, behavior, and best management practices.  The first Rodent Academy was conducted in 2005 by the New York City Health Department with the assistance of Dr. Robert Corrigan.  Today, there are several rodent academies located across the United States.  Each location offers a unique prospective on the core concepts and fundamental mission of the original.  No matter which location works best for you, you will receive a combination of classroom training, printed reference materials, field activities, and group critical-thinking exercises.  If you are truly committed to learning as much as possible about commensal rodents and their control, attending Rodent Academy is something to consider.  For more dates and locations check local industry publications and websites. 

West Coast Rodent Academy-University of California Cooperative Extension/Pest Control Operators of California-November 7-9th

Southwest Rodent Academy- Arizona Pest Control Professional Organization /University of Arizona-December 4 & 5 2018

Texas Rodent Academy-Texas A&M-December 11-13 2018