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Q: What Products Are Other Professionals Using For Mosquito Control Around Homes?


There’s no denying it, all of this talk about Zika on the news has put mosquito control services in high demand. If you are new to offering mosquito services or want to ramp up your mosquito program consider these tips:

  • Offer a consultation, or better yet a checklist, for the homeowner as part of your program. Walk the property with the homeowner and educate them on how to eliminate mosquito-breeding sites. Consider how clogged gutters, children’s toys, water pans under plants, water elements on the property, low lying areas of the lawn or other areas might pool water and encourage mosquitoes to breed, typically within 7 days. 
  • Think twice about using the word 'elimination'. Mosquito reduction may be more realistic and result in less callbacks. While you can significantly impact mosquito populations around a home you cannot control what your customer’s neighbors are doing and whether the mosquitoes on their property will make their way onto your customers lawn. So be sure to set expectations right from the start. 
  • Use a product that offers some type of guarantee. If you get a call that mosquitoes are still biting and your customer is unhappy you may need to retreat. Learn more about Syngenta’s SecureChoice Mosquito Assurance Program. According to their website, if products are proven to be used according to program details, Syngenta will offer free reimbursement of product if re-treatment is required within 60 days. Also consider the FMC Mosquito Promise Program. Under this program FMC offers 45 days of no call backs after treatment with Talstar Professional within the program period. If any call-backs occur, FMC will provide the amount of product needed to make a re-application to the treated area free of charge, as outlined in the Mosquito Promise program. Being backed by a manufacturer can save you in chemical costs should a re-treat be necessary.