Expert Answer

Q: What products and methods yield the best results when treating, ticks and fleas? Also what if there are chickens or other pets in the outdoor area where activity is reported?


Your question is timely as experts are predicting high tick and flea populations this year for much of the U.S. Both ticks and fleas can be managed by the use of an insect growth regulator (IGR). IGR’s prevent the development of juvenile pest stages and stops them from becoming reproducing adults. IGR’s vary in the sites they are labeled and can be sensitive to light but not all are labeled for outdoor use. Both Archer and Tekko Pro are photo stable, labeled to be used both indoors and outdoors, and are also labeled for poultry houses and animal quarters – That’s winning!

Using an adulticide in conjunction with an IGR can enhance the control of adult fleas and ticks. This application should conform to use precautions and use directions for these products and both should have the sites you are treating listed on each of the labels.

Other IPM measures such as sanitation which can be keeping tall or overgrown vegetation or large amounts of leaf litter to a minimum during summer months will help your management program.

Download this Tick Handbook from The Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station