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Q: Other than heat what are the best materials for treating a home or apartment for bed bugs? (Imperial, CA)


This is always a difficult question to answer because we have many great options for treating for bed bugs in an apartment (or at home). While I know you asked about materials, I would like to start with ensuring you have a “program” which includes repeated bed bug inspections and monitoring. However you set up your program, keep it consistent and document. NPMA can be a great resource for choosing what your program will include called the BMP’s.

Once you have that program in place the products you select should include mode of action rotation. The Insecticide Resistance Action Committee (IRAC) has a great website that will help you choose different modes of action when your selecting your products. Rotation is critical especially when treating the same units. For specific products, please contact your local Target Specialty Products Office to discuss options.

Insecticide Resistance Action Committee - Bed Bug Control and Resistance Management

National Pest Management Association Bed Bug Management (Best Practices)