Expert Answer

Q: I just started my own Company this year. What are the best trade associations to join as a small company?


Membership in an industry association offers many advantages to pest management companies of all sizes.  These organizations are designed to keep PMPs aware of the significant, ever-developing issues, regulatory trends and legislation that affect the industry. Most also offer education and training at reduced rates (sometimes even FREE) for members.  On top of the education and information benefits there are also various opportunities to network with other PMPs, product & equipment manufacturers, distributors and other industry representatives.  If you are interested in joining an association, do your research!  You can do this by asking industry friends/ colleagues, reading industry publications, reviewing the associations’ websites, and inquiring about benefits that are of specific importance to you.  Keep in mind that many association fees are based on the size of the company, and some offer certain benefits or services a la carte.