Expert Answer

Q: I am interested in offering a Bed Bug Preventative Program. What would you suggest it looks like?


Pest Management professionals must make it clear to their accounts that while you cannot prevent bed bugs from being brought into an account you can take measures to prevent that bed bug introduction from turning into a full-blown infestation. One product that lends itself well to a prevention program is the use of an active liner like the ActiveGuard® Mattress Liner. The installation of ActiveGuard® on the mattress, box spring, or both kills bed bugs, typically within 72 hours. ActiveGuard® Mattress Liners are like a hard working residual and will continue to kill bed bugs introduced at a later date for two years.

The liner goes on quickly like a fitted sheet, keeping your manpower costs down. They provide you with the ability to actively kill bed bugs at the two main sites where bed bugs seek harborage for two years; mattresses and box springs. No other product has label claims registered with the EPA for control and prevention of infestations before they establish. Furthermore their SDS has no signal words or cautionary statements on it.

We are seeing pest professionals across the country having success by putting in place active liners on every bed in the account, charging an annual fee and then guaranteeing that if the account suffers a bed bug infestation you will treat at no additional cost.

Pest professionals are using a similar model to extend an active remediation to a longer prevent.