Expert Answer

Q: How do IQ products promote service efficacy and does this service style also promote technician safety?


By: Patrick Lynch, A.C.E. Senior VP of Sales & VP/GM Bell Sensing Technologies, Bell Labs

Proper rodent control requires technicians to place snap traps and multiple catch mouse traps in ceilings, behind heavy machinery, inaccessible areas, and other locations where access may be dangerous or limited for inspection. By using the IQ product line up, the technician can check/record devices from a distance of 30' - 100' and would only need to service devices that have actually caught a rodent during that service period. 

This service style absolutely promotes technician safety. The technician no longer needs to check every trap. This makes the practice of rodent control not only more efficient, but far safer, as it limits the amount of time on ladders and in other odd or dangerous areas that technicians would normally be required to navigate through each visit.