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aprehend bed bug spray

Q: Can you use Aprehend Ready to Use without the special sprayer from ConidioTec?


The sprayer from ConidioTec is the only sprayer currently available that meets the low volume, low pressure application requirement.

Aprehend Ready To Use is a unique preventative treatment for bed bugs. Per the label, it must be applied at a low volume application (ULV) rate using a low pressure spray applicator. The label specifically states “DO NOT USE STANDARD (HIGH VOLUME) SPRAY APPLICATION EQUIPMENT TO APPLY THIS PRODUCT.”  

The sprayer from ConidioTec is ideal and designed to meet the low volume application requirement.   It has a small volume chamber and low pressure. Aprehend Ready To Use is intended to be used as a bed bug barrier spray treatment. Per the label you would create a continuous 2 inch swath in places such as bed frames, perimeter of the room and baseboards where bed bugs will walk across searching for a blood meal. Consult the label for a full listing of suggested treatment sites. This applicator was designed to be held close to the treatment surface and applied at a rate of 3 seconds/2 ft. That is fast!

*Tech Tip:  Practice using the applicator with rubbing alcohol (70%) on a dark surface.  This will help you get the technique down before using the actual product. It is IMPORTANT TO NOTE that the applicator should never be filled with, or washed with water.  Please refer to manufacture instructions and the training video:

Aprehend is now available through Target Specialty Products.